Things that interest me, provoke thought/action, or just tickle my funny bone...

I am a huge music fan, I love fashion, news junkie, the latest events in SF, and am typically a person who strives to know a little bit about everything.

Just used the LivingSocial
Instant Deal for $1 lunch. That was amazing! I also got some Yoppi for later :-). #grouponwho #prolivingsocial

Starting to piss me off that as @netflix’s stock continues to rise they keep increasing their plans! I’m suppose to pay another $5 now #bull

I’m at Vesuvio Cafe (255 Columbus Ave, btw Broadway and Pacific, San Francisco) w/ 3 others

It amazes me everytime how taken aback you can be by the odor of another human being #burningnostrils

Wow McDonald’s has a Rolo McFlurry! I might have to break my no McD rule…

Now this sounds cool! Twalaba via @UrbanDaddy

Why do ppl think it’s okay to ask you q’s about what you’re watching while you’re watching it? I’ll give you the title, but cmon #rewind

I’m at Kiki Sushi (1269 9th Ave, at Irving, San Francisco)

New appreciation for tulle and shantung… (@ de Young Museum w/ 20 others)

I’m at Landmark Embarcadero Center Cinema (1 Embarcadero Center, Promenade Level, San Francisco)